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* Print the original URL with username/password in the messageHEADmasterYves Fischer2016-12-18
* replace all with subdirectory rust/Yves Fischer2016-12-17
* update READMEYves Fischer2016-12-17
* extend tests and workaround for status_code loggingYves Fischer2016-12-17
* improve _parse_headers functionYves Fischer2016-12-17
* replace env_logger with simple_loggerYves Fischer2016-12-17
* Replace switch -u with header X-Allowed-JidYves Fischer2016-12-17
* Add flags for libstrophe > 0.8.9Yves Fischer2016-12-17
* Use free patch-version selection for gcc dependencyYves Fischer2016-12-14
* switch to using tiny_httpYves Fischer2016-09-14
* first test versionYves Fischer2016-09-03
* re-request credentials after sending token and use threading mixinYves Fischer2016-07-09
* implement server for nginx auth_requestYves Fischer2016-07-09
* send clickable link in jabber messageYves Fischer2016-01-15
* stateless versionYves Fischer2016-01-13