Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* tag version 1.6HEADv1.6masterYves Fischer2018-05-08
* add "fat" gradle productFlavor configuration for f-droidYves Fischer2018-05-08
* fix typo in gradle ndk-config of abiFiltersYves Fischer2018-05-08
* tag version 1.5v1.5Yves Fischer2018-03-19
* Localise and translate unlocalised stringsTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-16
* Add a Dutch translationTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-16
* update Buildtools a second timeTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-16
* update Gradle and Buildtools and fix YMLv1.4Tijmen Wildervanck2017-10-13
* Fix a double header definition on newer NDK versions.Tijmen Wildervanck2017-10-13
* update md5 pathTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-13
* fix line breaks and add a download linkTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-13
* Fix typo in the logo url of readme.mdTijmen Wildervanck2017-10-13
* Improve README filev1.4-rc1Yves Fischer2016-12-01
* Pass the request-type (qtype) to iodineYves Fischer2016-12-01
* Extend .gitignore to ignore gradle/studio filesYves Fischer2016-12-01
* Use stable API to detect system nameserversWill Szumski2016-11-28
* reduce visibility of IodineVpnException constructorsWill Szumski2016-11-28
* Extract network device creation error message to strings.xmlWill Szumski2016-11-28
* prevent NullPointerException when configurationId is invalidWill Szumski2016-11-28
* Inform user of error status when tunnel name server cannot be detectedWill Szumski2016-11-28
* clone pre-installed ndk to depth of 1 to speed up travis buildWill Szumski2016-11-28
* restore c89 compatabilityWill Szumski2016-11-28
* Use Urho3d pre-installed ndkWill Szumski2016-11-28
* add iodine as a dependencyWill Szumski2016-11-28
* fix indentationWill Szumski2016-11-22
* fix bug with string equality testWill Szumski2016-11-22
* typo fix: tunnelNamesver -> tunnelNameserverWill Szumski2016-11-22
* check for valid nameserverWill Szumski2016-11-22
* iterate through net.dns* and pick first valid IPv4 addressWill Szumski2016-11-22
* Merge pull request #30 from jovial/update_buildyvesf2016-11-22
| * use oracle jdk8Will Szumski2016-11-22
| * add gradle-wrapper jarWill Szumski2016-11-22
| * update build scriptWill Szumski2016-11-22
* | Merge pull request #29 from jovial/np_fixyvesf2016-11-22
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * make findViewById more robustWill Szumski2016-11-22
* Update values-de/strings.xmlYves2015-03-12
* Merge pull request #16 from 2m/wip-custom-sizesYves2015-03-12
| * Allow to customize request hostname size and response fragment size.Martynas Mickevičius2015-03-10
* Small corrections to german translationYves Fischer2015-03-09
* Merge pull request #15 from 2m/wip-gradle-buildYves2015-03-09
| * Gradle buildMartynas Mickevičius2015-03-08
* Update AndroidManifest.xmlv1.3Yves2014-09-25
* Fix crash on close via VPN-popup, issue #12 v1.3-alphaYves Fischer2014-09-09
* recover change of for creating the base64 filesv1.2Yves Fischer2014-09-02
* Increase version in AndroidManifest.xmlv1.1Yves Fischer2014-08-17
* Improved look of logoYves Fischer2014-08-17
* Do not add newline for progress indicating '.' log-output from iodineYves Fischer2014-08-17
* Make link in IodineVpnException message clickable #4Yves Fischer2014-08-17
* Do not dump whole configuration to debug when selected or updated.Yves Fischer2014-08-17
* Detect issue #4 and display specific error messageYves Fischer2014-08-17