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masteradd --test to test newspaper3k text extractionYves Fischer6 years
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2016-12-09add --test to test newspaper3k text extractionHEADmasterYves Fischer
2016-12-09update README.mdYves Fischer
2016-12-09update listed dependenciesYves Fischer
2016-12-09add debug flag to web applicationYves Fischer
2016-12-09cosmetic changesYves Fischer
2016-12-09web: show only feed-items with more than one versionYves Fischer
2015-11-23always draw a cellYves Fischer
2015-11-23Remove line-number and indicate changes with symbolYves Fischer
2015-11-23replace all " with 'Yves Fischer
2015-11-23replace <i> with <em> since the latter is not filtered in owncloud newsYves Fischer