eBus Tools

Our ebus tools consist of a protocol parser written in racket (scheme) which sends the parsed values via a simple HTTP connection to a datastore.

This datastore is currently implemented in C++. It uses leveldb as a backend and also contains a HTTP-API for querying. The internal webserver is also used to serve a simple web frontend.

Both runs well on a Raspberry Pi running Linux.

Flot Plot und HTTP/JSON-API

API der webapp

PUT /api/value/NAME




Ebus Protokoll Dokumentation

Es wird aus einer XML Beschreibung ein PDF generiert.

Dateien: http://www.xapek.org/git/xapek/ebus

Racket Protokollparser

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 speed 2400 raw
cd ebus-racket
./inserter.rkt --help

Dateien: ebus-racket


Notizen für die neue Interface Platine

Kondensator: Elko 1µF
Vorwiederstand: 470 Ohm
Diode: Schottky BS160